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Hillary’s New Year’s Resolution: Release Emails When No One’s Looking


Democrats are very good at distracting Americans from the real issues at hand. Hillary Clinton has certainly learned from one of the best….President Obama. Afterall, whenever Democrats don’t want Americans to worry about Obamacare, high premiums, high deductibles…they just change the narrative to “Climate Change”, Racism” or “War on Poverty”. So it’s no surprise that Hillary Clinton gave us a video for the cause of Benghazi rather than talk to Americans about the real backroom deals going on. We all know because of her lies, American soldiers and Ambassador Stevens died.

So it doesn’t surprise me that Hillary Clinton would try to release her emails on New Year’s Eve…under the radar. It sounds about right!


Thousands of Hillary Clinton’s private emails will hit the Internet on New Year’s Eve thanks to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that permits the State Department to wait until the end of each month to release the documents.

The holiday email release will mark the eighth time the agency has published a batch of Clinton’s records according to the monthly schedule. The first release came in May of this year and contained fewer than 300 emails, all of them related to Benghazi.

Clinton’s use of a personal server to shield her private emails from the public hobbled the early days of her presidential campaign.

In the weeks since, her poll numbers have rebounded and speculation about whether the email controversy could cost her the nomination has largely abated.

Clinton has pointed to the State Department’s steady publication of her emails as evidence of her commitment to transparency.

However, the documents she turned over to the agency late last year make up only half of the the total number of emails that were once stored on her personal server, which is now in FBI custody.

This was an administration that was going to be know for it’s transparency. Are you still really buying that? What a bunch of bull! If Clinton was really being transparent, she’d have released these emails with a big press conference and announcement on a Monday. Instead, she’s sliding them through on a day when everyone else will be celebrating and not paying ANY attention to what’s going on in the real world, let alone politics. What a scumbag! Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton after all believes…..

Hillary Clinton at senate hearing


Her activities and lies just keep getting bigger and bigger. It amazes me, she can keep all those lies straight. She seems at times to have committed more crimes than Jesse James and has YET to be punished for them. It just doesn’t seem to matter, or does it?

Wake up People!  Which side was Trey Gowdy really on, since he screwed up BIG TIME on the Benghazi Hearings and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has destroyed more emails and evidence than President Nixon ever destroyed, and we all know what happened to him.

Some day we are going to wake up and elect a REAL supporter of the Constitution for President of the United States, like Senator Ted Cruz and maybe then, the Americans will have justice for all.



Written by Nancy Hayes

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