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Hillary Likes Watching Girls Make-Out!


Well it must be an election year, because the “flip flop” season is among us especially when it comes to Hillary Clinton and Democrats. It seems Hillary Clinton has had a metamorphosis over time when it comes to LGBT. Now she’s running for president and running adds like this one.


In a story from Politifact:

Back when her husband was President, she support Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA  – “the union between one man and one woman”. Then some time in 1999, Hillary was against ‘Don’t ask. Don’t tell.’ military policy. Sometime in 2000, Clinton supported civil ceremonies, but still even as Secretary of State was opposed when her department switched passports from “mother” and “father” to “parent 1” and “parent 2”.  Then in 2004, she said marriage was a “sacred bond between a man and a woman”. However, in 2008, all candidates running for President were against “same-sex” marriage. Clinton supported civil unions.

Then in 2013, a metamorphosis happened. Clinton changed her position on “same-sex” marriage especially when it came to “advancing equality and opportunity for LGBT”. I guess she needs the vote or maybe her voters just don’t care about her past voting record and history of supporting DOMA. She must really be worried about the Bern.

Today in a story on Breitbart it seems Hillary Clinton not only supports LGBT, but she went from not being comfortable with the public display of affection of gays to this campaign ad:

Standing up for the “Fundamental rights  of ALL Americans”  – I don’t think so Hillary! Just because you are standing up for the fundamental rights of 1.5% to 2% of the population or the LGBT population does not mean you are standing up for the rights of 98.5% to 98% of the population or ALL Americans.


I guess you have a short memory from 2004 when you stated this:

Oops. I’d say that’s a Flip Flop.

Here was Clinton in 2014 when addressed about her flip flop on gay marriage:

NPR’s Terry Gross grilled Clinton about her past positions’ on gay marriage in what led to a testy exchange. Gross tried to get Clinton to explain if she had truly changed her stance or if the shifting political landscape made it possible for her to announce her support.

At one point Gross asked, “Would you say your view evolved since the ’90s or that the American public evolved, allowing you to state your real view?”

Clinton replied: “I think I’m an American. (Laughing) And I think we have all evolved, and it’s been one of the fastest, most sweeping transformations.”

Really? I guess you must be the only one laughing. One thing for sure is laughable – YOU have totally FLIP-FLOPPED on the issue of marriage, so it must be an election year. It’s time for votes, just not mine.



Written by Nancy Hayes

Follow on Twitter: @bodybynance



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