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Where Was Hillary? The Answer May Shock You: [PHOTOS]


During the Democrat “debate” Saturday night, ABC came back from a commercial break and Hillary Clinton was not at her podium.

Where was she?

The answer? …. Talking to Clint Eastwood of course. Don’t you see the empty chair?

hillary dropping off kids2

Another big question was “what’s with that outfit?”

Is it me, or was she wearing a burlap bag?

Wow. Are you REALLY going to vote for any of these Democrats, much less Clinton? Seriously.

Turns out Hillary was wearing the latest pantsuit from the “Kim Jong-Il Collection” at “Forever 73”..

hillary outfit

The takeaway from that debate was pretty simple: Raise taxes. Free college. Build a coalition to redistribute unicorns and take a crap during the commercial. or something.

Plus – what about the old white people up there? I thought the Dems were supposed to be so diverse?


There’s nothing wrong with that – I’m one of the old white people myself. But if we’re gonna play that game, consider this: Ted Cruz’ father is from Cuba; Marco Rubio’s father is from Cuba; and you can see Chris Christie from Cuba. Thanks, I’ll be here until Hillary gets back from droppin’ the kids off at the pool…

If wonder if she noticed that when she finally showed back up to the show, she had toilet paper stuck to her shoe? .. Awkward.


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