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GOP Establishment Ready to Back Hillary if Trump or Cruz is Nominee?


In an article in New York Magazine, Ed Kilgore reveals what we all knew about the GOP establishment anyway.

It’s hard for a political party to self-diagnose its problems when its thinkers are at odds about the nature and extent of the current symptoms.

That’s the condition of the Republican Party, which began this presidential cycle highly confident about consolidating power gained at the congressional and state levels during the last two midterms with the capture of that last Democratic redoubt, the White House.

John Boehner, Paul Ryan

Some Republicans think that is still the party’s trajectory, and dismiss the craziness of the early GOP presidential contest as an illusion or a temporary moment of turbulence. A greater number cover their ears and tell themselves and others that nothing that happens before late primary voters run to the rescue of Establishment candidates is real. All this Trump lunacy, all this “outsider revolt” business, is just noise created by mischievous or hostile media elements, they believe.

Here’s a news update for the Establishment – Paul Ryan take note – Donald Trump probably isn’t going to get the nomination.  It’s much more likely Ted Cruz will.  And in terms of “your worst nightmare” Ted is Freddy Kruger for Establishment Republicans.

I’m in the process of writing a Christmas song set for early release next year.  “All I want for Christmas is President Cruz…”


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