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Give You One Guess What This Male ‘GLEE’ Star Was Arrested For:


Did you get it? Here’s a hint: There’s nothing “Gleeful” about it. Yep, child porn.

Is TMZ the only media outlet that does investigative reporting anymore?

Doubt if you’ll see this on NBC or certainly not FOX – where the show “Glee” was created and aired.


Any type of sex involving children is a MAJOR league crime and this should be all over the mainstream news – but – alas, you’ll only find it on TMZ and here, of course…

Glee” star Mark Salling has been arrested for possessing child porn – TMZ has confirmed.

Law enforcement sources now tell us they’ve already seen more than a thousand images of “child sexual exploitation” on Salling’s computer. Cops also seized other electronic devices, including tablets and cellphones. We’re also told he lives alone, which will make it hard to argue someone else put the images in the computer.

… seems like a nice enough guy..

LAPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force obtained a warrant and served it Tuesday morning, as first reported by the TV show “Crime Watch Daily.”

We’re told cops searched Salling’s computer at his Sunland home and found hundreds of images. At the time of this post, Salling is being taken to the police station for booking.

Law enforcement sources say the images they captured from Salling’s computer were children … significantly younger than 15 and 16 year olds.

Our sources say an ex-girlfriend of Salling’s tipped off cops and they investigated before the raid to make sure it wasn’t a revenge allegation.

Salling has had his share of legal problems. In 2013 he was sued by a woman who claimed he committed sexual battery on her by forcing sex without a condom. Salling denied the charge and the case settled.

developing …

Sounds like a great guy…

Read the updates HERE:

Hope this creep burns in hell.

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