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German Trucker Hangs Raw Pork to Stop “Refugees” From Climbing Aboard


Muslims – especially “refugees” – are a real problem in Europe.  Heck, they’re a problem everywhere but there’s nowhere that has as big of a disconnect between the ruling elite and those they rule on any subject.  The “man on the street” in most of Europe – and certainly the women being raped at the highest rate in the world in Sweden – have figured out that Muslims aren’t “fleeing from” anything in the Middle East, they’re occupying Europe.  They’re in the process of finishing up the invasion that prompted the Crusades to defend Europe.

Today we are featuring a story about just how creative the European “commoners” are becoming in fighting off the hoard.

A LORRY driver bound for Britain hung pork off the back of his truck to stop Muslim migrants climbing into the back.

A clip posted on YouTube seems to show a German truck waiting at Calais with at least four parts of a pig attached to the rear bumper.

Islam strictly forbids the eating of pork but the rules on handling the meat are less clear cut.

The driver impaled pork onto his bumper.

[T]he trucker was taking no chances using the unusual measure to deter potential stowaways.

The lumps of meat are seen fastened to the bottom of the 18 wheeler’s rear door.

Hundreds of Syrians who have fled the country under attack by ISIS have hidden themselves aboard trucks to illegally enter the UK.

Drivers can face imprisonment or heavy fines if they are caught with illegal migrants hidden amongst their cargo.

This was in Germany. I’m wondering how long it will be before drivers have Angela Merkel attached to a bumper.


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