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Gay Couple Can’t Get Married Because They’re Father And Son: And So It Begins..


For folks who think that believing in traditional marriage is discriminatory  – would it surprise you if I said I agree?

To define marriage as being between one woman and one man is discrimination, clear and simple: But what about so-called “gay marriage?”… I have bad news for those of you pushing it, “tolerating” it, demanding it or even being indifferent:

You’re all a bunch of bigots.


That’s right you pathetic, intolerant, narrow-minded and cruel extremists. You jumped on the “definition of marriage” train faster than Rosie O’Donnell on a ham. You’re not in favor of “marriage equality” – you’re only in favor of a new definition. A brand new expanded version of discrimination to include a man with a man or a woman with a woman… you know, equality.

But what about everybody else, oh high and mighty progressives? What about poor Drew Bosee and Nino Esposito? (Pictured BELOW:)


You gonna just sit there while they’re being victimized? Deprived of their very humanity, as society – which includes you – won’t allow them the same subsidies and fabulous nuptials afforded to those allowed to legally be wedded? Stripped of their Rights while you sit there in your tuxes and dresses collecting benefits just like “a man and a woman”?

You disgust me.

Like other gay couples before the days of same-sex marriage, one of the domestic partners that make up the couple of Drew Bosee, 68, and Nino Esposito, 78 – adopted the other so they could have some legal rights as father and son. They waited for the wave of support for gay marriage to sweep across the nation, causing “evolution” on the part of campaign-cash and vote thirsty politicians like Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and any number of Kennedy’s.

And now here it is: Depending on where you live and some Supreme Court rulings, “marriage” has been redefined and expanded to include folks like the now elderly Drew and Nino!!


You bigoted bastards didn’t think some of these things through, did you? Gay marriage activists in their zeal to jump on the discrimination movement rushed to change the definition of marriage itself. However, only ONE gay man with ONE gay man and ONE lesbian with ONE lesbian are in the club now…. not…. FATHER AND SON!!!!

Yep, old Drew and Nino – together for 45 years – never dreamed they’d live long enough to see same-sex marriage become legal, but BLAM! Here it is! You got your wish boys, so roll out the carpet, buy the flowers, rings, a wedding cake from some other bigoted people and damn it – let’s do this thing.

Figure out who’s getting down on one artificial knee and let’s rock it to the chapel because compared to being FATHER AND SON, being married is way more awesome.

Sadly – and bigotedly, I might add – for Bosee and Esposito, the problem is that since 2013 Eposito has legally been Bosee’s father. And you two, old white dudes are not in the new, open-minded, fashionable, liberal, tolerant definition of marriage because you’re FATHER AND SON!

In at least 25 states, including where Bosee and Esposito live in Pennsylvania, marriage between a parent and an adopted child is considered incest (hey – where does Woody and Soon-Yi live?). Therefore: You guys, not unlike polygamists, heterosexual first cousins and two dudes trying to compete in the mixed-doubles tournament at Wimbledon are just not welcome. Sorry, them’s the rules.

gay marriage 3

The new rules.

Bosee said they decided to look into adoption when they were rewriting their wills. The inheritance tax is significantly steeper when a person bequests to a non-family member, but that wasn’t the main reason they did it.

“The only option we had at the time was doing this, and this sort of was a legal completion to something that we had always felt. Not that we were father and son, but that we were like a family,” Bosee said.

“The adoption process was very simple,” he added.

Other couples in this situation have been able to annul their adoptions and get married. Bosee and Esposito even have friends in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, who seamlessly went through this process. So they decided to go through with their own annulment in early 2015, after Pennsylvania had legalized same-sex marriage but before the U.S. Supreme Court would eventually do so.

In June, however, Allegheny County Judge Lawrence O’Toole denied their request. Although he has a reputation for being progressive and was “sensitive” to their situation, he argued that state adoption law simply didn’t allow him to move forward. O’Toole said courts have generally reversed adoptions in cases of fraud, and he requested direction from higher courts.

Aaron Tax, Director of Federal Government Relations at Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders, said many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender older adults felt compelled to, like Bosee and Esposito, “resort to any means necessary to protect their rights in the face of our country’s discriminatory marriage laws.”

Wait – what? “our country’s discriminatory marriage laws”? As opposed to what? Our country’s NEW discriminatory “gay marriage” laws?

gay marriage2

Oh, don’t worry – I’m sure you’ll figure it out, flap your wings, stomp your feet and lawyer up to make sure these forward-thinking, yet myopic couples can get married too – but make no mistake: You’re just as bigoted as the people you’ve demeaned, derided, sued and in some cases destroyed because they had the temerity to believe that marriage is defined as being between one woman and one man.

Bottom line here folks is that if there is no definition of marriage, then marriage itself ceases to exist. Three people, brother and sister, a boy and his dog and yes – father and son – are at this very moment being persecuted by any definition of marriage. If you think for a minute that a line of lawyers around the block isn’t forming to spend our tax dollars in pursuit of legal marriage for their clients who don’t belong to the new club as we speak, you’re not just a bigot – you’re an idiot.

And if we could only harness the power of the salivation now dripping from the mouths of attorneys, advocates, or legal and activists groups – we could solve the equally BS notion of global warming. You disgust me. Pick up a dictionary friendo – this is from

adj \-rənt\
Definition of INTOLERANT
: unwilling to grant or share social, political, or professional rights : bigoted

noun \ˈbi-gət\
Definition of BIGOT
: one who regards or treats the members of a group with intolerance

That’s you, gay marriage hate-mongers – either grant everyone the same rights, or define marriage and join the bigot club: That’s your choice.

Meet the new boss – same as the old boss.

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Put another way, shouldn’t everyone have the right to make the biggest mistake of their lives?

And isn’t destroying marriage and all American traditions the goal here anyway? Yeah.. everything is right on track.


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