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Funny – I didn’t see this in the LA Times!


We’ve all heard of the “helicopter parents” right? You know the parents; they ‘hover’ around you, follow your every moves, check in with you every couple hours. Well think of the government being your helicopter parent. You know – being able to track your moves, check your phone calls, and even track your friends. It’s called the “Dirtbox”. Yes, you might say, they’ve got the dirt on you!


In a story on Daily Mail:

Federal investigators looking into the San Bernardino massacre deployed a spy plane overhead after the attacks in an apparent attempt to find additional suspects, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

The Department of Homeland Security is said to have put up the single engine craft over the California city and ordered it to make repeated circles overhead.

The craft would likely have been equipped with ‘Dirtbox’ technology which can scan tens of thousands of phones in one go to identify suspects.

The report adds to the intrigue about whether or not there were accomplices in the San Bernardino attacks, which took place last Wednesday and were the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.

Sofrep, which first reported the plane’s use, said the use of the spy plane showed that law enforcement was ‘actively searching for other members of a terrorist cell.’


The massacre in San Bernardino took place when Syed Farook, 28, an environmental health inspector, and his wife Tashfeen Malik, 27, murdered 14 of his co-workers and injured 21 at the Inland Regional Center where they had gathered for a Christmas party.

The Sofrep report stated that the Pilatus PC-12 plane that was used – was similar to the craft deployed by the military on missions over Africa.

Sofrep produced a map of the flight path for the plane which showed numerous circles over the area around Farook’s home in Redlands, a suburb of San Bernardino.


A story by the Wall Street Journal described in detail how the two foot wide ‘Dirtbox’ allows an astonishing level of surveillance once it is up and running.

The device works by pretending to be a cell phone tower – mobiles automatically connect to the nearest one so latch onto the box – and can sweep up data on tens of thousands of phones in one go.

The operator is able to locate a person’s location quickly although they are not able to listen to calls.

Kind of amazing isn’t it? Think about it. A single engine aircraft can hover over you with a “Dirtbox” attached to it, and all your calls will be sent to it. It’s like a fake tower. They, the government, will be able to tract just about everything you have done, everyone you have seen and all your actions. By the way, just in case you were wondering, the U.S. Department of Justice would probably never confirm or deny this program exists, because that would be an infringement on our 4th Amendment. You know – the right to feel secure in your own home without them snooping without our permission? Yeah! That one! So, I guess the next time you look up and see a single engine plane circling around, it might make you wonder, right? It also might make you wonder about the good guys too, like Andrew Breitbart. Because if the good guys can use this technology on the bad guys, you better believe the bad guys can use it on the good guys!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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