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Florida Sheriff Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carriers


Heard of Sheriff Joe? From Arizona? Yeah, the kick-ass cool Sheriff Joe who believes in The Constitution and America? And Concealed Carriers?

WELL, he has a counter-part, a BIZARRO Sheriff Joe, if you will – in  Pinellas County, Florida and his name is Sheriff Bob.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri: Nutjob.

sheriff bob1

Looks harmless enough – but listen to what he had to say about LEGAL concealed carry:

“… law abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights will be “thrown down on the ground with a gun pointed at them — or worse.”

Then this: “… if a concealed carry unknowingly enters a bank during a robbery, the citizen is “going to take one in the chest because he’s a threat.”

A little Background from Lee Williams @ The Herald Tribune:

In May of 2013, he vowed to start enforcing a little-used county ordinance that requires background checks at local gun shows for all private sales. The county ordinance gathered dust since it was enacted in 1998. Violators faced misdemeanor charges. After garnering a few headlines, the plan fizzled. Gun shows were held without any problems. No arrests were ever made.

A year later he called the Firearms Mandatory Evacuation bill — which is now law — “crazy” and “absurd,” saying it would allow people to carry concealed firearms into a riot, rather than when they’re fleeing their homes.


But Florida is not giving up without some pushback… on gun owners:

Hat tip Biz Journal:

The Florida Sheriffs Association is pushing back against criticism targeting Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri for remarks he made last week opposing controversial legislation that would allow people with concealed-weapon licenses to openly carry guns. That set off a firestorm, with supporters of the measure blasting Gualtieri for his remarks. Duh.

Gun-rights group Florida Carry, which supports the legislation, sent an alert to members titled “Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri training deputies to kill law-abiding gun owners.”

“Gualtieri is not above fabricating his own version of the truth to get his way,” said the Florida Carry alert. “Even after the outright lies he was telling about the Open Carry bill were exposed in the press, the sheriff continues to act as a purveyor of falsehoods and irrational fear.”





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