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Florida GOP Official Endorses Cruz


Miami-Dade County is the only place in the country that has two local entries in the 2016 presidential race. Surprisingly enough, the local grassroots don’t seem to be supporting either one – either former Florida Governor Jeb Bush or Senator Marco Rubio. In Florida polls, Donald Trump leads both Floridians, Rubio and Bush, with 34% followed by Ted Cruz with 17.3%.

More recently, Ted Cruz just received a key official GOP endorsement right in the heart of Rubio country. 



In a story in the Washington Examiner:

Miami-Dade Republican Party Vice Chairman Manny Roman spurned the two local presidential hopefuls to instead endorse Cruz, a Texas Republican.

“Even in an environment where there is overwhelming indirect pressure to get behind one of the local candidates, Ted Cruz’s story and platform break through all the noise,” Roman wrote in a letter to the Miami Herald.

The letter was published in the Miami Herald on Christmas Day and titled “Hurrah for Cruz“. In the letter, the Vice Chairman of the Miami-Dade Republican Party endorses Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

In Roman’s own words:

“Senator Ted Cruz has demonstrated time and time again that he is not afraid to take on the Washington establishment….”

“ is past time that Miami learns more about Ted Cruz — the other senator of Cuban descent running for president.”

“Cruz breaks through the noise and the “overwhelming indirect pressure to get behind” Bush, the former governor, or Rubio, the sitting U.S. senator.

“Cruz is an incredibly talented, principled, and unwavering voice for constitutional and limited government,” he continues. “That’s why I’m endorsing him.”

WOW! Rubio and Jeb! That’s got to hurt! SMACKDOWN right in your own backyard! If leaders in their own backyard are endorsing Cruz, what does that say about Rubio and Jeb!

America – it’s time to wake up! It’s time to elect a Conservative with principles! It’s time to break through the noise and get behind a leader that stands for the Constitution and Limited Government. Florida and Miami-Dade – it’s time for a CRUZ!



Written by Nancy Hayes

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