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WATCH How Feds Shut Down Terror Investigation That Could Have Prevented San Bernardino Attack


Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security apparently shut down a terrorism investigation several years ago in San Bernardino.

Investigators were specifically looking at the mosque that the San Bernardino Muslim terrorist attended. The investigation was shut down because Obama’s Homeland Security officials said the investigation was “profiling Muslims.”

So the Department of Homeland Security refuses to allow profiling of Islamic groups. No matter that virtually every act of terrorism committed anywhere on earth in the last thirty years involved Muslim terrorists.

Not only did the DHS shut down the investigation they destroyed all of the investigators files. Had the investigation been pursued the San Bernardino terrorist would likely have been put on the no-fly list and would not have been able to leave the US to hook up with his Muslim terrorist bride.

Will the Congress do anything? Will the media follow up on this? Will anybody care?

Congress will do much because the Establishment Republicans running the asylum never do much. The media only reads the talking points of the Obama administration and the Democratic National Committee. As far as anybody caring, the only way this story will get traction is if three or four Republican presidential candidates pound it and keep pounding it in their stump speeches.

I’m not expecting much.


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