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Farmer Sells Rusty, Junk Car In His Barn To A Dealer…. Whoops


We’ve all heard stories about somebody who found a junk car in a barn and hit the gold mine.  Well, here’s another one.  Maybe it’s time to spend some time crawling around old barns?

A barn owner in Alabama just sold an old junker to a restoration specialist.  We don’t know for sure what he got for the piece of rusted out junk, but probably not much.

15-1219 Car

Turns out, the old junker was a “diamond in the rough.”  Or in the hay.  Whatever.

He discovered the rare muscle car when checking out another car nearby, and was pointed to the barn that housed the Daytona. After much convincing, the old man who owned the barn agreed to sell the relic.

Now, perhaps you’re asking why a car that’s covered in rust and moss with a tattered interior and an engine that likely doesn’t run anymore would have such a high asking price. Fair question. But even if it is a rust bucket, it’s an incredibly rare rust bucket, as Dodge made just 503 Charger Daytonas that year, most of which were meant to meet NASCAR racing standards.

The car, which has a flames painted on the front fenders, has a 440 Magnum V-8 engine with nearly all its original parts and a mere 20,553 miles on the odometer, although we don’t suspect it’ll be adding any more any time soon.

Here’s what that old rust bucket looked like 50 years ago.

15-1219 Car2

No word on whether she’ll look like that again any time soon, but I suspect she might.


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