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Far Left Media ID’s San Bernardino Shooters as “Republicans”


I can’t make this stuff up.  Really.  You’re not reading The Onion.  You just know the far left has been drooling over the shooting in San Bernardino.

15-1203 Marcos

Markos is none other than the founder of The Daily Kos, a far left swamp that’s been around for way too long.

Markos, and his ilk, couldn’t wait to find out who really did it.  Turns out, much to their dismay, it was …

Yep, Muslims.  Not just any Muslims either.  Good, devout, moderate Muslims.

The family has not been able to track down recently named suspect Syed Farook or his wife since Wednesday morning, said Hussam Ayloush, executive director of CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations).

Farhan Khan, the brother-in-law of the suspect Syed Farook, told reporters: “I have no idea why he would he do something like this. I have absolutely no idea.I am in shock myself.” Khan said he last talked to Farook a week ago.

He did it, you buffoon, because he’s a Muslim.

Oh, and as for the calls for more gun regulations:

ATF tells CNN that one of the guns used in the shooting was legally purchased and traces back to someone believed to be connected with the shooting. The agency would not disclose the name of the purchaser.

Keep in mind that California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.  Ten day waiting periods, no high capacity magazines, and a button on the magazine that makes it almost impossible to change it out in less than an hour.

Hey Markos, enjoy the shark you just jumped.


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