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Fake “Union of White NYU Students” Still Insisting It’s Real


Facebook pages announcing formation of “White Student Union” organizations at dozens of universities are popping up like lilies in the spring.

One page was called out as a fake by the yellow sheet website Gawker.

Breitbart jumped into the fray and debunked reports that said the sites were fake and were set up by racists.  15-1128 NYUJ

Who else? Here’s part of what Breitbart found:

But these students aren’t white supremacists, or even white nationalists. In some cases, they are not even white. One of the anonymous student group founders we spoke to, who did not wish to be identified, was of South Asian descent. Another founder was Mexican-American. They are concerned by what they see as unchecked hostility towards their fellow white students.

Juan (real name omitted at his request), a Mexican-American student at UC Santa Cruz (UCSC), said he started his White Student Union page as a means to mock the “absurd nonsense of crybaby, race-obsessed college students, [by]using their tactics against them,” although Juan also added that he now thinks there might be a serious problem to tackle. “We’re coming to see that there might actually be some hostility to the thought that one might be proud of being of European descent.”

Rajesh (real name omitted at his request), a South Asian student who founded a White Student Union page page for the University of British Columbia (UBC), also expressed concern at what he saw as the increasingly unequal racial hierarchy emerging on campuses. “In the current ideological and cultural environment I, as a non-white, am lucky,” said Rajesh. “I have the right to be proud of my heritage, I am not made to feel ashamed of who I am and don’t need to constantly walk on eggshells in conversations for fear of being thought a racist.”

“I value whites. I’m culturally comfortable among whites. I’ve always grown up around whites. I enjoy the company of whites,” he stated.

A freelancer who writes for the Gawker went after the administrator of the NYU page.

The reporter and the admin have been going back and forth over the last couple of days, the reporter demanding proof as to the admin’s identity and affiliation with NYU and the admin providing a blacked out (no pun intended) student ID as “proof.”

We’re not sure what to say about the NYU page, but we certainly believe Breitbart with respect to the pages they’ve investigated.  The Gawker?  They’re no better as a source than the New York Times has been since Walter Duranty.



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