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The Facts on Rubio, Cruz and Immigration


You know the beautiful thing about facts? You can’t dispute them. There has been so much mudslinging these past few days since the recent Republican debate, especially on immigration, that people need to just stop and look at the facts.

Byron York does a nice job in the Washington Examiner sharing the facts about Rubio, Cruz and immigration.


Here’s his story:

The Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill passed the Senate after a series of votes in June 2013. Democrats, who controlled the Senate at the time, unanimously supported the bill, while most Republicans opposed it. The four Republicans on the gang — Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Flake — of course voted for it, and also agreed with Democrats on a plan to kill almost all GOP amendments.

FACT 1: Rubio voted FOR Gang of Eight immigration. Cruz voted AGAINST it!

Then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid allowed just a handful of amendments to reach the Senate floor. One, from Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, would have prohibited the legalization of illegal immigrants in the United States until after the administration could prove it had maintained “effective control” of the borders for six months.

FACT 2: Rubio voted AGAINST the Grassley amendment. Sen. Ted Cruz voted FOR it.

Another Republican amendment, from Sen. John Thune, would have required the completion of 350 miles of fencing along the U.S. border that Congress had ordered in 1996 but had never been completed. Thune specified that the fencing had to be in place before legalization could commence. Thune also would have required the completion of 700 miles of such fencing before illegal immigrants’ legal status could be made permanent.

FACT 3: Rubio voted AGAINST the Thune amendment. Cruz voted FOR it.

The other substantive GOP amendment allowed by Reid was from Sen. David Vitter. It would have delayed the granting of legal status until a biometric visa identity system first ordered by Congress in 1996 had been “fully implemented at every land, sea, and airport of entry” into the United States.

FACT 4: Rubio voted AGAINST the Vitter amendment. Cruz voted FOR it. 

FACT 5: Rubio still supports a path to citizenship. Cruz doesn’t.

Need more? Read here.

The fact is Rubio has said that when it comes to immigration Cruz and him are really no different! 

“The bottom line is there isn’t that big a difference between [Cruz] and I on how to approach immigration,” Rubio told CBS News on Sunday.

Really? The facts say different Senator Rubio! Facts are facts. Have you forgotten your own voting record? Maybe Senator Rubio has just been too distracted by fundraisers or events, kind of like when he missed the vote on the recent Omnibus bill?  Does a “no show” really mean….a no vote? 

If I may end with Rubio’s own words:

“If you’re going to attack someone on a policy issue,” Rubio said on CBS Sunday, “you need to be clear about where you stand on the issue and where you’ve stood in the past.”

You are SO right! It’s very clear where Senator Rubio stands on amnesty. It also couldn’t be MORE different from Senator Cruz.



Written by Nancy Hayes

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