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Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Fly With Real Class? Check Out These Apts!


It’s the holiday season and many of us will fly by plane to visit our family, friends and loved ones for the holidays. We may be crammed into a small compartment or seat near a window or section over the wing. Some of us will be the fortunate ones with an aisle seat. Others will be lucky ones to have a seat in an emergency row with leg room. A few of us may be scrunched in a middle seat between two strangers and with little or no arm rests. Sound familiar?

Remember the Jennifer Aniston airline commercial, where she’s looking for the bar or the shower and the airline steward and stewardess are laughing at her? Well, just when you were just starting to dream about the shower or bar on an airline, now the bar’s been raised. Think about this – an apartment or luxury suite. That’s right! If you fly Etihad’s A380 – you can choose a classy apartment with a bed, vanity and couch, but it’s going to cost you a few bucks!


In a story from the Daily Mail:

Etihad’s extravagant The Residence suite has been causing a buzz among travellers for some months – and not just because of its enormous price tag which can cost £21,000 for a one-way ticket, for two people.

But now guests keen to sample the airline’s other luxurious first class experience at a much cheaper price can book a ticket for the new First Apartments which have just been unveiled on the A380 aircraft.

Forget tiny capsule seating, passengers can enjoy the privacy of their own section complete with bed, vanity mirror and sofa for as little as £2,500 a ticket, one way.


The private living spaces includes a Poltrona Frau leather ottoman, which can be used for entertaining, or converted into an 81-inch lay-flat bed.

Guests travelling in families or with friends can opt for adjoining capsules, with a handy divider that can be opened or closed for privacy during the flight. Read more here.

Want the short tour? Here you go!

Well, for those of us that don’t have that kind of cash or aren’t flying to Abu Dhabi in the near future, I guess we can dream can’t we?


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