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Enraged Members of Religion of Peace Refugees Riot Over No Wifi!


Hey, I love my Wi-Fi like the next guy. Iit’s not often I get to cheer loudly for certain scumbags who don’t have access to it. It turns out, certain refugees are protesting in Italy because they don’t have Wi-Fi. Gee too bad, hopefully a few lives will be saved.  Wait there’s more…..


In a story from Pam Geller:

22 Dec 2015 – A group of refugees in the north of Italy have emptied their rubbish into the streets, furious that their requests for a cleaner and Wi-Fi have not been met.

 The 24 protesting refugees from sub-Saharan Africa have been asking for somebody to help them maintain order at the duplex villa in the town of Ceranova, where they have been housed since last summer.

They are also upset that Wi-Fi has not been installed in the villa, meaning they can’t make Skype calls to their relatives back home, La Repubblica reported.

The protests first took place late last week, when the town’s refugees blocked main roads to get their message across.

And the situation soon took a turn for the worse when the refugees began to tip out their rubbish in the sleepy town’s main streets to make their point.


The scene led to heated arguments between the refugees and members of the local community, and the town’s mayor, Alessandro Grieco, had to intervene personally with the help of three police officers to defuse the situation.

As news of the protests spread, it became a national issue — being seized upon by Italy’s fiercely anti-immigration Northern League party.

Outspoken party leader Matteo Salvini even joked about sending the left-wing journalist, politician and leader of Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, Laura Boldrini, to clean up the migrants’ mess.

“They wan’t someone to clean their homes – can you believe it?” an incredulous Salvini asked reporters. “To keep them happy, let’s send Boldrini.”

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Seriously? You have got to be kidding me? That is just insane! Like little spoiled brats…they protest, make a mess and then want someone ELSE to clean it up. I would tell them they can clean up their own trash. You can believe me, if I were in charge of sending someone in, it might be more like a few Rambos and I would tell them…don’t forget to take out the trash, before you clean it up.


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