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It’s The End of the GOP and You Know It!


Most politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, can’t seem to understand as to why so many Americans are so upset with their policies and are supporting candidates for president like “outsiders”  -Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and even Carly Fiorina. Actions do speak louder than words.

Speaking of actions, one recent insane action that Conservatives and Americans are fed up with is government spending. Spending that is OUT OF CONTROL! Watch for yourself:

Senator Jeff Sessions, R-AL, voiced his concerns about the recent $1.1 TRILLION government spending bill that was recently voted on by Congress. I think most Americans agree with Senator Sessions, don’t we?

WE THE PEOPLE sent these people to Washington to protect US! To protect OUR interests! Who do they really represent besides the “lobbyists” or special interests? It’s certainly not “WE THE PEOPLE”.

Increasing green cards for almost 200,000 illegal immigrants is INSANE! Especially when 83% of “WE THE PEOPLE” want immigration reduced or frozen!

I agree with you Senator Sessions. I doubt that they ever spent a minute looking at your letters of concern. Forget about your lists! They don’t care about government overreach. If they did, “WE THE PEOPLE” wouldn’t be funding sanctuary cities, would we? We would also not continue to give illegals tax credits. Tax credits illegals get for children NOT even in the country. Yes, I agree, Senator Sessions. That’s INSANE!

What else is INSANE?! Politicians approving funds to bring in illegals, so we can have Americans train them, so American businesses can then terminate those same American workers.

I also agree with you, Senator Sessions, when you say we can’t rely on our representation any more! Sanctuaries cities continue to get funds. Visas continue to get issued. Executive Amnesty continues to get funded. This INSANITY needs to stop, because if it doesn’t it will be the end of the GOP!

Yes, most Americans are definitely in OPEN rebellion, including myself! We went to the polls to vote for people that would represent US, only to find out we have been SOLD OUT by most politicians for special interest groups or lobbyists! Wake Up America! It is time to return this country to a true Conservative. It is time to return this country to the Constitution. It is time to return this country to  -“We The People”.



Written by Nancy Hayes

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Nancy Hayes is a Digital Media Specialist and Conservative, Grassroots Activist. Over the past 4 years - she has worked on 21 campaigns nationwide. She has been involved in several key elections, including Ted Cruz for President and Herman Cain for President . She has served in such positions as Social Media Specialist, Phone Bank Director, State Director of Volunteers, and Grassroots Activist. Stay involved! Stay inspired! Stay educated! #TeamJoe #PJNET #CruzCrew #GOHTeam

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