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Elderly Woman With Cancer is After Pilot Who Blames Her For …


Alicia Staveley lives in New Zealand and she has ovarian cancer.  She was going home after a cancer treatment in Wellington.

She’s in a wheelchair and they needed a special lift to get her in the plane.  It didn’t show up on time and when it finally arrived the plane was about a half hour late taking off.

15-1115 Cancer ANZ

The pilot felt the need to explain to the passengers just why the plane was taking off late.

Needless to say the pilot gets our award for Jerk of the Week.

Once she was boarded the already fragile Ms Staveley was shocked and hurt to hear the plane’s captain announcing: ‘Sorry for the delay folks. We were waiting for the forklift so the disabled person can get on the plane,’ reported Stuff.
Ms Staveley’s daughter Kylie Rush who was travelling with her was ‘angry’ that the captain had made her mother feel so ‘awful.’
Ms Rush told Stuff that Ms Staveley had cried and that it had been a ‘big thing for her because she wants to be independent.’
‘If she could have got on the plane and walked, she would have, and (the announcement was) making her feel worse about it,’ said Ms Rush.

The airline apologized but they reportedly have not dropped the pilot from a plane at 30,000 feet.


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