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Dutch to Muslim ‘Refugees’: “Welcome to Hell, Beyatches”


As you know, Muslim “refugees” are flooding into Europe.  They’re being welcomed with open arms by most of the political class.  Only France has taken a second look at closing their borders in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks spearheaded by Muslim refugees.

The Dutch are being overrun because their government has had a commitment to “diversity” for the last 40 years.

The part of all of this “immigration” – some would call it “invasion” – that is getting difficult for the Rulers Who Know Better, Europe’s political class, is that the people in their countries have had it with Muslim invaders.  The latest demonstration of this came at a “migrant camp” in the Netherlands.

Unidentified perpetrators left some 14 pig heads at the entrance of a refugee center in Eschmarkerveld, near the city of Enschede, on early Wednesday morning. Nine pigs’ heads were found on the fence, the rest laid out on the ground. Plastic bags full of blood in which the heads have been transported were also found at the site.

You’ve just gotta love it.  The original story doesn’t include this detail, but I certainly hope that the “unidentified perpetrators” turned those 14 pigs into delicious Danish bacon.  Yay bacon!

The locals protested very loudly at the location of the “migrant camp” in their community but the Rulers Who Know Better told them to just STFU (or the Danish equivalent) and put it there anyway.

The local police are considering this an “environmental crime.”  Whatever that is.

Twitter has been active over this demonstration.

A picture of the field decorated with pig heads had surfaced on Twitter on Wednesday with the caption: “If democracy fails, people become angry and desperate. Welcome to the hell of Eschmarkerveld.”

15-1130 PigTw

This is not going to end well in Europe for anybody.  But especially, at least we can hope, for the European political class, the Rulers Who Know Better.  Hopefully it will serve as a lesson to their U.S. counterparts who love unfettered immigration.


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