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We Don’t Need a Third-Party: We Need a Second Party


A third-party run would guarantee a Democrat as President. We saw this in the 90’s with both of Clinton’s elections with the help of Ross Perot. Clinton never won 50% of the vote.

We don’t agree with everything the Republican party does, but at least they decently close on most of the issues. Democrats have become pure communist in what they campaign on.American political parties stand-off

What does this mean for us? We need to make sure that we take over the Republican party. This means all of us getting involved at the local level. Electing people who share our beliefs and will work to make sure the party holds to those beliefs.

This will work its way up through the party and eventually become the platform.

Check it out:

Donald Trump’s direct threat to the Republicans who shunned him over Muslim ban: If you’re not nice to me I will run as independent

  • Trump touted a poll that found 68 percent of his supporters would stick with him but said, ‘I don’t want to do that’
  • Most 2016 candidates turned their fire on him in wake of his call to ban Muslims from entering the country, as did House Speak Paul Ryan 
  • Trump labeled individuals who oppose his plan to ban Muslim immigration into the United States ‘foolish’ on Tuesday
  • Asked about a third-party bid today, though, he said: ‘If I don’t get treated fairly, I would certainly consider that’
  • See more of the latest on Donald Trump as he calls for a Muslim entry ban 

Donald Trump floated the idea of a third-party bid this morning  – but insisted he doesn’t ‘want to do that.’ 

‘I’m leading every single poll…so obviously, I’m very happy where I am,’ he told Michael Strahan today as he responded to a question from the Live with Michael and Kelly host about running as an independent.

The people of the Republican Party have been ‘phenomenal,’ Trump said. ‘The party, I’ll let you know about that. And if I don’t get treated fairly, I would certainly consider that.’

Trump touted a USA Today poll that found 68 percent of his supporters would stick with him if he parted ways with the party, before he again said, ‘I don’t want to do that.’

All of the GOP’s candidates for president signed a loyalty pledge, promising to endorse the party’s eventual nominee. 

Trump announced his signing at a showy press conference in September in the lobby of his New York City headquarters after meeting with the party head Reince Preibus. 

After Trump introduced his Muslim-banning proposal on Monday and the party began to turn on him, the billionaire fired several warning shots.

The crossfire between Trump and frustrated Republicans became a furious blur the day after the billionaire businessman announced his plan. Beleaguered 2016 rivals condemned his proposal and complained that his divisive positions were dominating attention in the crowded Republican contest.

The tycoon is at the center of a growing tidal wave of criticism from the White House, the entire GOP establishment, the leaders of Britain and France and many more people across the globe. 

Trump has branded people who oppose his plans to ban Muslim immigration ‘foolish’ and insisted he is not a bigot, amid nationwide and global condemnation. 

He defended his plan in a series of interviews and tweets on Tuesday, including one with ABC News’ Barbara Walters, in which he said he is not bigot and is ‘doing the right thing’ – as his poll numbers remain strong.

‘Wow, what a day. So many foolish people that refuse to acknowledge the tremendous danger and uncertainty of certain people coming into U.S.’ he said yesterday evening.

Continue reading: Daily Mail

Trump seems unstoppable at the moment. And might be what America needs to get back on track.

We are certainly at a turning point in not only our country but across the world.

The war against Islamic State has come to America and the only one who seems like he is interested in doing what it takes to defend America is Trump.

What do you think?


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