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Donald Trump May Be Out of This World!


Donald Trump is driving the Left into outer space.  Actually, the Left wants to send him into outer space.

Donald Trump mocked Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’ business acumen, so Bezos announced plans to blast the extremist Republican presidential hopeful into space.


By way of some important background on this, that line was the lede in a story published in The Guardian, a paper so far left in the UK that they make the New York Times look like the house organ for the KKK.  At The Guardian, anybody to the right of Mao is an “extremist Republican.”

And with reference to Bezos firing Trump into space, he not only owns the Washington Post, also owns a company named Blue Origin, a private space flight firm.

The spat started when the WaPo published some expectedly nasty comments about Trump.  He responded, of course.

15-1209 DonaldT

That’s when Bezos offered to reserve Trump a seat on the Blue Origin rocket.

Nothing like a good Twitter spat to start your day.



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