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Dogs Are People Too: Kick-ass People


If you’ve ever wondered about loyalty and unconditional love from a pet, you’ve probably never owned a dog. They will follow your commands and do anything for you. They will go to war for you, even if that means sweeping a structure for a bomb.


In a story on Life With Dogs:

An IED that detonated in Afghanistan left a military dog and his handler in need of medical care, and in a sweet turn of events, they were roomed together at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  They are now both recovering.

Specialist Brown and his dog Rocky were sweeping a structure when the bomb went off.  They were immediately transported out of the country for treatment.

“I am a member AE crew of the 379 EAES (Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron) who transported Rocky and his handler from Afghanistan to Germany. We were very concerned about all three involved in the blast and we are very glad to see they are doing well,” commented Sherry Sexton on the Facebook post from the 89th Military Police Brigade.

“We love our job. I had Rocky’s injured handler medicated to rest on the flight, and his alternate ha flee was exhausted, so our aeromedical Evac took turns lovin on Rocky. If he were a cat he would have purred. He got lots of attention. It just hurts our hearts when our working fur babies are injured. They can’t talk to us and tell us what to do for them so we do the medical stuff – but we shower them with hugs and pets.”


The photo of Rocky wearing his purple heart has gone viral, and now the pair are receiving tons of attention from well-wishers.

To SPC Brown and Rocky – we wish you both a speedy recovery. During this holiday season, we are thankful for ALL those who serve and protect our country including the men, women and military dogs. We continue to enjoy our freedoms because of you and others who kick butt! During this holiday season, we send our prayers and thoughts to you and your loved ones as you are deployed around the country! God Bless You and Thank YOU!!


Written by Nancy Hayes

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