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Demands from Nation’s DUMBEST College Students [VIDEO]


After you watch the video below you’ll be ready to sign up for a new movement aimed at burning down colleges and universities producing college students this dumb.

The background on this story is simple.

Not as simple as the college students in that video, but simple – and really stupid – nonetheless.


Dr. Clyde A. Lynch was president of Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania from 1932 to 1950.  From all reports he did an excellent job of leading the school through the trying times of the Great Depression and WWII.  One of his accomplishments was raising $550,000 to build an athletic center that, in 2004 was converted into an academic center.  Because of his vigilance the building was named in remembrance of him shortly after his death.

The current crop of snowflakes want the building renamed because of the connotation with “lynchings” of blacks. Having to see Dr. Lynch’s name prominently displayed on the center apparently causes significant stress in the lives of the so-called community of “students of color” on the campus.  These people are unhinged.

Here’s a couple of Tweets from the crowd

15-1212 Stupid1

Just for fun, here’s “Frolicking Fatty …

15-1212 Stupid2

Her tweets are protected, I’m wondering if they’re protected because of the heat from this episode of rank stupidity or maybe she’s being attacked for using the word “Fatty” and the PC Police are upset because she’s hurt the feelings of the “calorie challenged” community on campus.  I’m also wondering if “fatty” refers to her fat ass or her fat head?

Those lynchings that the snowflakes are so upset by were the product of the Democratic Party.  I wonder if they’re going to petition President Obama to remove his new Attorney General Loretta Lynch?


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