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‘Cosmo’ Praises Incest


Cosmopolitan Magazine is a far left rag that you probably see in the supermarket checkout stands advertising 69 “new” ways for girls to get their “lovers” off on the roof.

Or something like that.

This month they’re breaking new ground in their never-ending push for sexual freedom.  Incest.

15-1128 Incest1

As Breitbart notes, they’re famous for taking on every kind of advocacy they can find.

The leftwing publication has a history of pushing liberal social causes—whether it’s celebrating a woman who posted on Facebook a video of herself having an abortion, advocating for gender neutral restrooms, or praising the Kardashian/Jenner family as “America’s First Family.” Now Cosmo is pushing the taboo of incest in a new article and seemingly overlooking a potential case of child rape.

Hey, what’s child rape if everybody is consenting, right?  Thanks Justice Kennedy, this one’s on you.

It turns out that the “couple” in the story are half siblings.  The girl was raised by a family and didn’t know her biological father or any siblings.  After the death of her father she found out she had a brother and they “met” on Facebook.  Then they got together.

Although Melissa and Brian are half-siblings, they recall their first encounter as being charged with sexual tension and an “undeniable connection.”

The half-siblings’ “connection” eventually led to sexual intercourse, which Cosmo suggests might be totally natural.

To explain sibling attraction, which forced Brian to end his marriage, Cosmo delves into the psychology of incest, which in some cases can be attributed to genetic sexual attraction (GSA).

Let’s get this straight.  Brian was married, met his half sister on Facebook, got together with her, had “an affair,” and divorced his wife so he could boff his half sister.  And of course psychologists have a name for it.  And are all for it.  Just like they’re all for making pedophilia a sexual choice not a crime.

While downplaying the issues of incest and infidelity in the story of Melissa and Brian, Cosmo also ignores a troubling detail of Melissa’s story.

Following the suicide of the man she once believed to be her father, she was forced to take care of her ailing mother and had no boundaries as a teen.

“When Melissa was 14, her much-older lover was allowed to move in for a time too. There were no boundaries, she says of her mother, who died several years ago. ‘She spoiled me rotten and let me do anything, probably because she felt guilty for hiding who I really was.’”

Cosmo does not disclose the age of the “much-older lover,” but later writes that Melissa and Brian share a history of being sexually abused, which helped to fuel their attraction to one another …

Again, Cosmo is fine with a 14-year-old girl boffing an adult male.

Pretty much what we’ve come to expect from both Cosmo and the Progressive movement.





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