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College Students Demand Pay to Protest? What?


Well of course students think they’re entitled to pay to protest. Unions pay their members to protest. How do you think they get so many people to the state capitals when a vote is going on?

So of course students think their colleges should pay them since the colleges support their liberal ways. It only makes liberal logical sense.

This entitlement mentality is one of the biggest problems with our culture. We have become a nation of handouts demanding something instead of thanking someone for a free gift.

Check it out:


Just when you think that Oberlin students can’t get any more ridiculous (read our piece on their protesting over the “racist” cafeteria food here), the Black Student Union is actually demanding that the school now pay them… to protest.

Yes, really. On a list including a myriad ridiculous demands…

The Oberlin College Black Student Union has released a list of 50 “Institutional Demands” for the school, including one that orders it to pay black students who organize protests $8.20 per hour for doing so.

You should know that this, among their other demands, are not “polite requests,” but “concrete and unmalleable demands.” Seriously, they said that. Presumably with a straight face.

A few things here.

First, don’t worry Oberlin students. Nobody ever expected you to be polite.

Second, $8.20 an hour? What happened to the #FightFor15? $8.20 an hour doesn’t sound like a fair and livable wage for all the hard work you do organizing protests instead of going to class and learning things. Matter of fact, I think that your shunning of actual learning deserves at least a $24.72 hourly minimum (when accounting for inflation). Those blunts won’t pay for themselves.

Finally, this shows you the difference between leftists and conservatives. While leftist college students are demanding the school pay them, a Conservative would have had the sense to set up a GoFundMe or… no wait.

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Why do liberals think they are entitled to everything? What did they do to earn this gift?

All this does is make their minions lazy people who want everything provided for them.

Our country can’t afford to take care of the ever growing list of lazy people.


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