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Clinton Server Emails Proved to be “Top Secret” Despite Front-Runner Status


Color me shocked.  At least two of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s server were classified “Top Secret” according to the intelligence community.  The Obama administration is working their tails off to make sure that the information is distorted in every possible way so it doesn’t harm Mrs. Clinton’s presidential run.

Clinton is desperately dodging this scandal.

The agencies that owned and originated that intelligence – the CIA and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency or NGA – reviewed the emails to determine how they should be properly stored, as the State Department took issue with their highly classified nature. The subject matter of the messages is widely reported to be the movement of North Korean missiles and a drone strike. A top secret designation requires the highest level of security, and can include the use of an approved safe.


The findings have been transmitted to the State Department, which continues to challenge the intelligence community’s conclusions about the classification of all the emails. But the department has no authority to change the classification since it did not originate the information.

Hillary really doesn’t have anything to worry about.  Unlike others who have not treated classified information properly, she doesn’t have to worry about a criminal charge.  Loretta Lynch is too busy investigating the Chicago police and probably the Baltimore court system.


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