Cleaning up After Democrats: How Michigan’s Welfare Population Dropped 70% in 4 Years

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One difference between Republicans and Democrats is how they view welfare.

Republicans view it as a temporary hand up to help people through hard times.

Randomly giving money to people with no expectations is actually bad for them in the long run..

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Democrats view it as a lifestyle and as a very effective way to buy votes.

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Michigan had Democratic governors for as long as anybody could remember.  Their last one, a Canadian by origin, Jennifer Granholm, was a hottie on the Democrat circuits.  She was governor of a big, important, state and she was a whole lot better looking than any other female Democrats.

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But like every other Democrat her policies were incompetent, inept, failures.  She left Michigan with billions in debt, a budget that nobody thought could be balanced, and 227,490 people on welfare.  The people of Michigan were upset enough they elected an old white guy, Rick Snyder, as their governor and he’s turning the state around.

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He’s repeatedly balanced the state budget, paid down the Granholm Debt, and reduced the welfare rolls by about 70%.

A total of 64,492 individuals received cash assistance from the state this past August, down from 227,490 in 2011. Snyder, a Republican, took office in January 2011 and was re-elected in November 2014.

Michigan Capitol Confidential, a news site, reported that the decline in welfare recipients could be due to new enforcement of limits on cash benefits. The state has begun enforcing a 48-month lifetime limit for its cash assistance program and a 60-month federal time limit.

That’s what a “hand up” looks like.  It’s not a license to sit on your fat couch.

Governor Snyder joins the Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, as inductees in the Curmudgeon Hall of Fame.  They’ve both put time limits on welfare payments and both have seen people go back to work and see the tax burden for working people in their states drop.

Good job Governors.  Now if we can just elect a President who will pay attention to your success.

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