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BREAKING: Obama to Issue Sweeping Executive Order on Gun Control …


Can confiscation be far behind?  After all, that’s the whole point of “gun control.”

We all know that Obama and the Democrats just love the idea of an Australian-type line on gun control.  That’s virtually 100% confiscation and destruction.  And a dramatic increase in the violent crime rate.  Not that Obama or Democrats care about that, just look at the “gun free” cities they’ve been running for 60 years.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Thursday refused to elaborate on the timeline to issue the unilateral proposals.

“It this point, I still don’t have an update on the progress the administration is making on scrubbing the rules,” Earnest told reporters at his daily press briefing.

Still, Jarrett’s comments are an indication that Obama could soon roll out a proposal that would set up a major battle with Republicans in Congress and gun rights groups.

Will the Republicans really fight this or will they just talk about it and hold committee hearings?  Will Democrats support this across the board?

The answer to the first question is, the Establishment will make noise.  Thankfully the NRA and other 2nd Amendment friendly organizations will take Obama to court and block the order.

As far as Democrats supporting Obama, they likely will.  This should be a huge issue next November.  If it is, Democrats lose big.

After all they don’t want to talk about facts.

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