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BREAKING! Mass Shooting by Terrorist Team in California; Unknown and at Large


A mass shooting with multiple victims and perpetrators in a cluster of medical and health social services buildings in San Bernardino, Calif is currently active.

The major news networks are discussing the possibility of ISIS involvement in the Mass Shooting. The least we know is that this is an organised team of individuals of some kind.

Officials claim they know very little about the suspects who perpetrated the Mass Shooting.

Update, 7:15 p.m.: San Bernardino police have confirmed to the New York Times that “one suspect has been killed; that another was still on the loose; and that a third was likely wounded, and captured in [the]SUV.”

California has the most stringent Brady Gun Control Laws of all 50 states. Cartoon By the Comically Incorrect Cartoonist Tony Branco @afbranco

California has the most stringent Brady Gun Control Laws of all 50 states. This Mass Shooting took place in California. Cartoon By the Comically Incorrect Cartoonist Tony Branco @afbranco

Reports are at the time of this article are that there are 12 dead and and as many as 20 victims.

The left is already yelling, “Another Mass Shooting! More Gun Control!”

The President is already yelling more gun control.

The president is not arguing for better control of who enters our borders.

California has the most stringent Brady Gun Control Laws of all 50 states. This Mass Shooting took place in California.

We pray for the families of those involved especially the victims of this terrible Mass Shooting.


There are multiple suspects involved. Some are on the run and the scene is still active.

Explosives involved.

Discussion all over of the ramification that ISIS is involved.

SWAT arrives at the scene Doug Saunders /AP Photo

SWAT arrives at the scene of the Mass Shooting. ( Doug Saunders /AP Photo )

According to the San Bernardino Sheriff as reported by ABC: “Authorities were searching for one to three suspects. The suspects were heavily armed and were possibly wearing body armor, according to San Bernardino police spokeswoman Sgt. Vicki Cervantes. At least one of them may have fled the location in a black SUV.

Cervantes said there were “confirmed fatalities” in the incident.

“They had some type of function here today, an event, and during that event is when multiple shooters came in and just started shooting,” Cervantes said.

Four people have been transported to the nearby Loma Linda University Medical Center, three of whom are being treated in operating rooms and the fourth is receiving a CT scan. Three more patients were expected, according to a hospital spokesman.”


The SB County Sheriff asks anyone with info regarding the incident to call 800-78-Crime




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