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[AWESOME] Woman Beats Living Crap Out Of This Thug


Wow. Good for this lady in defending herself against this thug. Hopefully this freak is taken off the streets and put behind bars for a long time. Him and Bubba can share a cell.

This should be a powerful message to everyone out there. You need to be ready to defend yourself. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Liberals will be upset at us and say we are encouraging violence.thug

Not to mention they’ll excuse the attacker because of his childhood upbringing or some other lame excuse like he was born that way.

Check it out:

It’s an unfortunate truth that there is still an element of barbarism in the human psyche which occasionally permits the most horrendous acts. However, when Jonathan Holmes decided to follow a woman home one night, he wasn’t expecting her to kick the crap out of him.

The incident happened in Sheffield, UK, where 35-year-old Holmes followed the woman for over a mile. According to the Mirror, he told her that she was “going to enjoy this” and stuck his tongue in her mouth. However, his victim fought back – punching him, biting his tongue and using her keys to stab him in the neck.

Despite being deeply affected by the incident, the woman was brave enough to face Holmes in court. “I believed without a doubt he was going to rape me,” she explained, during the trial. Holmes, meanwhile, stated that he had been drinking and had no recollection of what happened.

“My life would have been over, he might as well have killed me right there,” the victim continued. “I was so terrified but so angry.” What happened to me was my worst nightmare. The whole thing replayed in my head for days. Now going anywhere after dark is really stressful for me.”

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I hope you will take this seriously and get trained to conceal carry. Police officers are there to protect us, but can’t get there instantly. You need to be ready.

With the threat of terrorists and evil thugs like this always looming, what other choice do you have?

It is not hard to be armed and ready. We need responsible people to be ready for anything.


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