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Are You a Beatles Fan? Really? You’re Such a Bigot..


Whether it’s “I Want to Hold Your Hand”; “Hey Bulldog”; or “Lady Madonna” – if you enjoy Beatles music, you’re a priviledged white, ignorant, bigot.

That’s the latest from our friends in academia. Think I’m joking, don’t you?


It’s getting to the point where if people tell me they got a Masters Degree in something or other, I just assume they’ve been taught to be a bigot and complete fool.

As much as I hate to even give these nimrods publicity, I happen to dig The Beatles – so he’s calling me an ignorant racist. Therefore, I felt compelled to let you know there’s a really, really, smart dude in the San Francisco area, who figured out during his study of transgender minorities – that Sgt. Peppers is nothing more than a front for the Klan.


Now check me if I’m wrong, but isn’t racism based on painting an entire group with a wide brush and splitting folks up by ethnicity, skin color, creed, nationality, religious persuasion, etc.? Well, then it won’t surprise you that I found this gem of an op-ed piece in the “Latino Voices” section of the Huffington Post.

Because, you know, “Latino Voices” don’t belong in the general area of the HuffPo – they need their own special section. In other words, they’re discriminating over there in Arianna land and proud of it.

As is Dr. Adam J. Rodriguez – a professional psychologist in San Francisco, as well as a faculty member in the Clinical Psychology Department at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California.

He lists his specialty as working with individuals who identify as LGBTQ people of color, with emphasis on issues of power dynamics and identity.

If you’re not bored out of your f-ing skull already with the grouping, the categorizing, the politically correct language and yes – discriminating nature of his life, work and cause – then read on because Beatle fans everywhere are nothing but horrible folks who enjoy “particular power and privileges, including the freedom to not have to consider other perspectives.”

You see, Doctor Rodriguez doesn’t like The Beatles and in fact can only name seven of their songs. He prefers the music he grew up with and when a friend of his couldn’t believe he wasn’t a Beatles fan, Doc Adam jumped straight to the conclusion that any whitey who is puzzled by someone who dares to be Beatles indifferent is a good old-fashioned, white-priviledged, closed-minded bigot.

Before you think April Fools came early – this report is too insane for even my imagination to imagine. Let the Doc explain it in his own progressive words:

A friend of mine is a really, really big Beatles fan. Quite some time ago I reflected to him that I was not familiar with their music…

I did not debate their talent, I simply did not care for it. He was indignant. He pointed out that I did not care for Led Zepellin, his other favorite band. He dismissed my lack of praise for the Beatles, and stated that it was only because I am a contrarian. He found it impossible that I would not love the Beatles, even if not as much as he does.

My friend has enjoyed the privilege of not having to consider that there are people in the world that don’t have the same relationship to music, food, art, or culture that he does. He has the privilege of not being forced to consider perspectives that are not his own.

He grew up a white middle-class male in the 70s and 80s, to parents who grew up on the Beatles and were immensely influenced by them and other rock and roll bands. I grew up a Puerto Rican lower-class male in the 80s whose parents played guajira, salsa, and Motown/classic R&B/soul growing up. My ears had grown up hearing syncopation, multi-chordal harmonies, diverse percussion, horns, and groove-oriented rhythm sections.

My friend, caught in his ethnocentric blindness, could not grasp that somebody would have a different experience and values from him.

This dynamic occurs in many situations: The person from the non-dominant culture is knowledgeable in dominant culture ideals and values, but the person from the dominant culture is not conversant in aspects of the non-dominant culture. For example, at the playground, heteronormative parents playfully ask my 3-year-old if he “has a girlfriend yet” despite the fact that I truly do not know what my son’s sexual orientation, or gender identification for that matter, is and will be. Because the dominant group’s perspective is vast institutionally reinforced, this can lead to others feeling excluded, other, or “less than.”

Yes, Adam I did excerpt the paragraphs, so you can add “he took me out of context” to your schtick. And believe me, it’s schtick. Read the entire piece here and make up your own mind.

This is so typical of left-wing, elitist B.S. coming from the campus and media. Any critical thinker knows that when you begin your hypothesis with a conclusion, then go looking for the proof, Doctor Roberts..  I mean, Doctor Adams – this is the kind of crap you end up with.

What – you don’t like El Caminos? They’re awesome, I can’t believe you prefer… um, do they make cars where you’re from? I don’t know the answer to that because I’m a pickup truck-centric bigot. Do you like tall brunettes? The reason I ask is because I REALLY dig tall brunettes and I just don’t understand men who don’t.

Because I’m white-priviledged and only dig the women I grew up with. Did I say “women”? Oops – there I go again, putting your three-year-old in hostile territory with MY preferences. Oh, what a hateful upbringing I must have skated through to be attracted to tall brunettes when I haven’t considered for one second who, or what you’re attracted to.. I’m sorry. Please, stick a branch in your eye and then I’ll know you identify as a tree.

Me? I identify as a rock star. Like John Lennon. And for the record, I could give a rat’s ass what you like, or what you identify as. I’d add that I don’t care what influences you grew up with because Adam, you never grew up – so it’s moot. And while we’re on the subject; if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone, anyhow. So there.

Don’t get me wrong though, I know it’s what has been pounded into your head, how you make your bones and get yourself a cool column in the HuffPo. Even if it’s relegated from what HuffPo considers ‘normal’ and stuck in it’s own section.

Because it’s assumed at that institution that only Latinos who identify as the opposite sex are who’ll be interested in what you have to say – and you can’t argue with HuffPo! They’re so open minded that your little op-ed needs to be pigeonholed over in it’s own world. Because remember, they’re priviledged to not consider your views on equal par with everyone else’s on account of them not growing up with idiots, maybe.

That’s horrible for them to do that to you. Why are you smiling in your picture? You say you’re all about equality, yet even though they’re discriminating bastards over there – you’re just happy for the attention, aren’t you?

You’re a quack buddy and while you’re busy making money helping already confused kids to be even more confused – the rest of us don’t buy it. Not even the folks at Arianna I Used to be a Republican Until my Husband Came Out Huffington. That’s why they make separate (and not even equal) sections of their website so they can seem so open-minded.

Here’s my solution: Instead of being divided into groups, I think we should all come together.

Right now: Over me.

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And don’t get me started on The Banana Splits…

banana splits


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