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Is Anyone This Stupid to Mess With Chicago as the Cubs Are Poised to Win it All?


Chicago – The Windy City. Home of the Friendly Confines, Wrigley Field and the Cubbies. The Cubbies haven’t been in the World Series since 1945, but last year…was a close one. The Cubs won 97 games, beat the Pirates in a wild card game and finally beat the St. Louis Cardinals. Then, they recently add in the offseason Adam Warren, John Lackey, and Ben Zobrist. Wait there’s more. We get a 2-time Golden Glove winner and take an awesome outfielder from the Cardinals, Jason Heyward. It’s time people! Finally, 2016 is looking good – it might be, it could be…Wait! What? Some idiot has to mess with us and bring this up.


CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports Chicago has long been a target of terrorists since President Obama was first elected — first by Al Qaeda, and now ISIS.

Authorities say the threat in Switzerland is specific, but it’s less so for Chicago and Toronto.

In a story by CBSChicago:

While Swiss authorities are on alert, they are not cancelling activities like Geneva’s popular costume parade scheduled for this weekend.

Still, the intelligence generated by U.S. assets overseas and shared with the Swiss indicated “extremists also discussed the idea of launching attacks in Chicago and Toronto.”

A spokesman for the FBI in Chicago said the agency is aware of the information.

“While we are aware of no specific or credible threat to Chicago at this time, the FBI remains vigilant,” a spokesperson said.

Chicago police are taking no extreme measures yet.

“We are in contact with our federal law enforcement partners, as we always are, and we are not aware of any credible or specific threats to Chicago. Residents should always remain vigilant, and you see something, say something,” Adam Collins, a spokesman for Mayor Emanuel, said Friday.

Past plots involving Chicago include the aborted attack on the Willis Tower; the explosive copier cartridges destined for Chicago but intercepted in Yemen; and the underwear bomber who flew to Detroit because airfares to Chicago were too high.

Here’s the video:

Is Chicago a “cross threat to ISIS”? Not sure? Really? With all the technology our government has and uses it’s a second guess? Vague threat? Not much we can do? Do you really think the government would tell us if there was a threat in Chicago? Knowing Obama, he would throw out the welcome mat first. Oh, wait that’s right….we don’t really believe Obama is a Muslim do we? Just like we don’t really believe Bill Ayers was radical terrorist or that he is a friend of Obama’s. Just like we don’t believe Reverend Wright and Obama were close friends either. Got it! (wink. wink.)

Well, when some idiot decides to do something stupid this year and screw up the Cubbies and their winning campaign on the way to the World Series, we’ll all have Obama to thank, won’t we?


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