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Anonymous Takes On Barack Obama Directly: Do You See What We See?


Anonymous Message to Barack Obama:

Do You See What We See?

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“You want to know who truly runs this country and who truly has us by the balls then all you need to do is follow the money. This country is not a democracy. We do not have politicians. We have puppets with strings that are pulled by the highest bidder.”

It is time for the American people to wake up and rise against this tyrannical regime and its sinister elements. The tyranny must end now and we must take back our freedoms and sanity. They wish to spy on every part of our lives and now.

Anonymous has issued the final warning. “We are coming, we are legion”

MOMBEE reports:

They try to tell us it’s the government taking over but if you see truth it’s actually the corporations that are taking over the government. The corporations with their unlimited amounts of campaign financing buying politicians with no souls who are now working for those same big money corporations that are telling these politicians what laws to write and what words to tell the American people to keep them quiet and just buy their products and take their pills and just shut up.

Well, we are not going to sit in compliance to your laws that do not protect us. We are not going to sit quietly while you rape and pillage our land. We are not an Oligarchy. We are not fascist. We are not communist. We are all immigrants or members of families who were immigrants. We were once open to ALL.

What happened to those open doors? Your media propaganda has, over the last 40 years , warped the minds of many. We see it every night on the MSM News organizations. You show us only what you want to show us, but the real world continues to exist but you don’t show it. You show us Neutrality instead of Objectivity.

We see your game and it is not working for you anymore. That is why you are losing viewers at such a rapid rate. You don’t speak truth anymore. Human beings need truth to survive and you are not providing the truth anymore. You make us buy your water by polluting our own natural resources. You monopolize our energy sources.

You have control over our farms and the foods we try to grow. You destroy our land for oil and resources for your computers. So, no, it’s the Corporations who have taken over our government. Not the government taking over our corporations. You made corporations “people” Well, corporations are NOT people. We are on to you and we are fighting back.

Don was a little more direct:

It’s NOT one man that does this, its the institution itself, and the puppet masters that REALLY pull the strings. Pointing the finger at Obama is plugging the hole as the entire dam collapses. Pointless. You can get rid of one puppet, but there are thousands of other puppets that will happily replace him.

Make no mistake, once they enter the machine, they are assimilated or eliminated. You need to hit the puppet masters where it really hurts.


With Barack Obama heading out the door, maybe the Secret Service will finally get their act together! If not, Donald Trump will have to say, “You’re Fired!”


Hilarious! Watch:

“LIKE” my Facebook Page – no one turned away!

“LIKE” my Facebook Page – no one turned away!


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