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It’s About Time!


It is about time someone stood up to these Saudi brats of the royal family. I am so sick of these terrorist sympathizers acting like they are so righteous. Countless terrorists have come from their country and we of course see the zero refugees they are taking in.

Maybe when women can drive in Saudi Arabia, or maybe when they open a Church or a Synagogue in Mecca, we might be open to talking to some Saudi Prince about tolerance.

In the meantime, I have zero problems with Donald Trump telling it like it is. It is rather refreshing. Of course, we’ll see all the other candidates and liberal pundits say this is not politically correct and how this isn’t Presidential.

I certainly find someone standing up for what is right more Presidential than some buffoon bowing to every Tom, Dick, and Harry dictator around the world.

Check it out:


One of the world’s wealthiest businessmen, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, had sharp words for Trump on Friday, telling him via Twitter to withdraw from the presidential race, “as you will never win.”

“You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America,” he wrote. The billionaire prince is chairman of investment firm Kingdom Holding Company.

Trump responded by calling the Prince “dopey” and accusing him of using “Daddy’s money” to control US politicians.

“Can’t do it when I get elected,” Trump tweeted.

The exchange follows Trump’s comments about banning Muslims from the US.

Continue reading: NY Post

We should start a pool on how many times this is brought up in the next Presidential Debate.

Sadly the other candidates will try and smear Trump with these truthful comments.

It is time we are done with these other fools who want to bow down to the world’s idiots. America needs to come first and we can’t put up with being taken advantage of by more Muslim radicals.


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