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91-year-old White Man Killed by 17-year-old Black Suspect. Where’s #BlackLivesMatter?


We certainly all heard about the one white Chicago cop who shot a black kid who was walking down the middle of the road didn’t we? Then, we all heard about the protests in Chicago, and the rioters ripping down Christmas tree lights, like that had anything to do with the crime. But how many of you heard about the young black suspect that killed a nearly deaf 91-year-old man, just because he couldn’t find anything of value to steal? Didn’t think so.


How sad that an alleged black teenage punk, who’s grandfather, by the way, lived next door to the victim, would get a thrill out of beating up a 91-year-old man, shoot him, go get gas, then light the house on fire, and leave him to die. What the heck? Could he not find any punks his own age to fight? Or did he just need to feel justified because he couldn’t find anything to steal, so he took his rage out on an old disabled man.  Does that really make you feel good? I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty sick to me!

Here’s the story from Conservative Tribune:

Paul Monchnik was a retired TV repairman who liked to mind his own business and read newspapers. George Steward, a neighbor of Monchnik, couldn’t simply leave this man alone and broke into his home one night.


After finding nothing that he could steal, Steward then beat Monchnik senseless and set Monchnik’s home on fire in an effort to cover his tracks. Monchnik was pronounced dead at the scene.

“The word ‘heinous’ does not even begin to describe this crime,” prosecutor Kym Worthy stated.

The black suspect, Steward has been charged with arson and felony murder. Read more here.


I guess certain people only protest when blacks are killed, not whites. What’s up with that? #BlackLivesMatter


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