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9 Year-old Suffers Gang Retaliation Death: Guess Where?


What makes these gang thugs think that killing a child will solve anything? Going after an innocent child is about as low of an evil thing that one can do.

Sometimes you can understand some crimes of greed or power. But crimes of evil need to be treated as unforgivable.

With our lack of justice anymore this might have to be some jailhouse justice.

Check it out:


CHICAGO THUGS Watched 9 Yr Old Play On Swings Before Carrying Out His Brutal Murder In Retaliation Against Dad’s Gang

UPDATE: No #BlackLivesMatter Protests Planned

Chicago has no shortage of thugs. What they do have a shortage of is support from the #BlackLivesMatter terrorists and Obama Regime. You don’t hear our Community Organizer In Chief running to a microphone every time a young black man or woman is murdered at the hands of another black man or woman. Sadly, it doesn’t fit their narrative. 

This young boy’s murder is far more tragic than the plight of the Muslim boy, with a history of discipline issues, who took a fake bomb to school in Texas on 9-11 and was rightly punished for his behavior by school officials. The phony outrage that Obama showed the world over this little fake “clock boy’s” arrest should sicken every American. It is especially disturbing when one considers Obama’s deafening silence over the horrific gang violence that plagues his hometown of Chicago. Where were the tweets of outrage from the White House over the loss of this beautiful young boy’s life? Crickets… 

On Friday, prosecutors laid out their case against a man accused of murdering 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee on Nov. 2

Corey Morgan, 27, of suburban Lansing, was charged in the murder. Police have one other man in custody who has not yet been charged, and a third man, Kevin Edwards, is also wanted in the slaying.

Assistant State’s Attorney George Canellis said Friday the shooting stemmed from an ongoing feud between Morgan’s gang, the BBG (Bang Bang Gang)/Terror Dome faction of the Black P Stones and the Killaward faction of the Gangster Disciples.

The feud came to a boil after an Oct. 13 shooting in which Morgan’s brother, Tracey Morgan was killed and his mother was wounded. Morgan was so enraged he threatened to shoot “grandmas, mamas, kids and all” in retaliation, prosecutors said.

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You hate to think of the most evil people in a list. But these kinds of crimes certainly would make a top 10.  That is not a list I would enjoy compiling.


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