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9-11 Conspiracy Theory Disproven


Heck with the fact that for their conspiracy to have any chance of being real there would literally have to be thousands of people involved.

We can’t keep a secret between a few people. How in the heck would a secret this big and this complex not get leaked? Do you really think that would stand a chance?

What would be the goal of this conspiracy? for-the-undying-911-moronic-jetTo go to war with Muslims?

That was what they were after? Really?

So in order to go to war with Muslims they’ll help Muslims attack us.

But watch this video and see what you think.

Check it out:

Why don’t these dumb things die?

People want to try and claim that this is a small scale and not what was in the tower.

Wake up people. It shows you what happens to heated metal. It gets weak.

I love a good conspiracy as much as the next guy, but this one just doesn’t hold any water at all.


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