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5 Reasons Why Black Lives Don’t Matter to #BlackLivesMatter


#BlackLivesMatter is a scam.  They don’t give a damn about black lives.  They only care about those relatively few black lives who are shot by police.

The overwhelming majority of those are shot because they were in the midst of committing a crime.15-1129 Laq

The latest poster boy for the #BlackLivesMatter movement is Laquan McDonald.  Laquan was shot by Chicago police last year and the officer who shot him has been arrested for murder.

McDonald was high on PCP, wandering around in the middle of the street and flaying away with a knife.  There was a large police response, the initial responders chose to just contain him and when the officer who was arrested showed up he apparently ordered McDonald down, was ignored and shot him.  Sixteen times.

It’s likely the sixteen shots that will burn him, but we’ll see what the citizens of Chicago have to say when he goes to trial.

McDonald is, of course, being portrayed as a “good kid with some problems.”  That’s why virtually the only pictures you can find of him show him in a cap and gown.

#BlackLivesMatter have chosen to make him their latest ghetto hero with help from Jesse Jackson and the usual suspects in cases like this.  Al Sharpton is nowhere to be found, maybe he and Jesse have divided the country up (no pun intended.)

The reason I say that #BlackLivesMatter, and their ilk, are a scam is because they are all about making Laquan McDonald a “victim” while ignoring real victims in the city.  So far this year in Chicago there have been at least 440 murders.  Most of the dead are black, most of their killers are black.  Most of them are involved in gang activity and crime.  They don’t count.

There’s also a group in that 440 who do count.  #BlackLivesMatter ignores them though.  We’re going to give you a snapshot of who #BlackLivesMatter, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Barack Obama don’t give a damn about.

They don’t care about Tyshawn Lee.

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