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4 Yr Old Salutes Casket Of His Father, Joseph Lemm, Killed By Terrorists in Afghanistan


An NYPD detective nicknamed “Superman” by his fellow cops was one of six US troops killed Monday in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan, where he was serving in the Air National Guard.

Detective Joseph Lemm, 45, of the Bronx Warrant Squad was killed when a bomb-laden Taliban assassin on a motorcycle targeted a joint American-Afghan patrol near a major US air base.

Today was his funeral at St. Patrick’s in New York City. A four-year-old, Ryan Lemm is now fatherless, along with his sister, Brook, thanks to a suicide bomber.


In a story in Weasel Zippers:

“Earlier today, we lost one of our Finest in a suicide bombing in Bagram, Afghanistan,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Monday night. “Detective Joseph Lemm epitomized the selflessness we can only strive for: putting his country and city first.”

Lemm, a staff sergeant in the Guard, was nominated for a Post Liberty Medal in 2006 after he chased down a teen who had stabbed another youth.

He started out at the 48th Precinct and then moved to the Bronx Warrant Squad about five years ago.

Lemm, who lived in West Harrison in Westchester County, leaves behind a wife, Christine, and two children: a 17-year-old daughter, Brook, and 4-year-old son, Ryan.

 The picture above reminds me of earlier times when the young John Kennedy Jr. saluted his father, the late President John F. Kennedy. It is hard to imagine what this young, innocent man, Ryan, is thinking as he salutes his Dad’s coffin. His innocence is just heartbreaking.

Detective Lemm was deployed 3 times to Afghanistan and once to Iraq. He was nicknamed “Superman” by a colleague who thought he looked like Clark Kent – a strong and strapping guy. In my book, any soldier that went to Afghanistan three times and to Iraq is certainly a “superman”.

During this special time of the year, it might be hard for some of us to imagine the many soldiers and their families who are not together, as we are with our families and loved ones and are fortunate to celebrate Christmas together. These soldiers fight every day, so that we, in America, can continue to have freedom. Our hearts and prayers go out to these families – the Lemms and all the others. God Bless our soldiers and their families, and all those that serve our country.  Peace be with you.

By the way, any bets on if Obama or anyone else from the White House showed up at ANY of the funerals of these six soldiers? Don’t hold your breath.


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