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300 ISIS Fighters Paint Themselves Into a Corner: BOOM!


Maybe they are the JV after all – who knows?

A bunch of dopey ISIS fighters laid seige to a city in Iraq, but then they trapped themselves inside by blowing up a bridge which was the last way out of town.

So now they’re trapped in their own seige!

isis tank2

There’s 300 of them, but trust me – they’re not like those dudes in the movie “300”:

The New York Post has the sad and demented story:

Besieged Islamic State militants in the Iraqi city of Ramadi destroyed a lock on the Euphrates River that served as a bridge as government forces on Thursday sought to cement their gains around the militant-held city west of Baghdad.

Since Iraq’s military launched its push on Ramadi earlier this month, the militants have destroyed all other bridges leading into the city, both on the Euphrates and its tributary, the Warar River.

Iraqi Maj Gen. Ismail al-Mahlawi, the head of military operations in the western Anbar province, said the lock destroyed Thursday was the last remaining bridge from the city center to the northwest.

“Daesh forces trying to stop our progress bombed the last bridge which connects the city center,” he said, referring to IS by its Arabic language acronym.

The lock’s destruction leaves some 300 IS fighters trapped in the center of the city, he added.

Col. Steven Warren, the spokesman for the US-led coalition in Baghdad, said the destruction of the bridge may prove to be a tactical mistake for IS.

“What they’ve also done now is they’ve really cut themselves off,” he said. “So the fighters left on the north side of the river can’t retreat and the fighters on the south side of the river can’t send reinforcements.”

These are the idiots that are taking over the Middle East?


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