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3 Black Women Find Homeless White Man, Teach Him Horrifying “Lesson” in Front of Children


This is what apparently passes for “culture” in the minority community in Philadelphia.  Three black women, spurred on by a lie told by one of their offspring, murdered a homeless man “to teach him a lesson.”  All of them are about to get another lesson.

Here’s the security camera footage from the Sunoco gas station where the murder took place:

They pile out of the van and the three black women, joined by their offspring, beat the man senseless.

It turns out they murdered Stephen Barnes because one of the “kids” told his “mom” that Barnes had hit him.  That was a lie to cover up coming home late.

Authorities say the vicious, sustained assault was prompted when Gillard’s 10-year-old son, who did not participate in the beating, but competed with Barnes pumping gas for tips at the Sunoco, told his mother Barnes had hit him during an argument at the gas station.

It was later revealed that the boy had fabricated that assault to explain an injury he received falling from his bicycle—he had argued with Barnes earlier in the day, but concocted the story as an excuse for coming home late.

The brutal attack ended when the woman seen in the video wielding a chair leg and who inflicted the most obvious damage, who police say is Gillard, retrieved a boy who had returned for a few more kicks. She pulls him to the waiting minivan and the group makes a very professional-looking getaway.

At the height of the brutality, the woman, allegedly Gillard, crouches over Barnes, who is cowering on the sidewalk, to directly and repeatedly strike him in the head with her salvaged furniture bludgeon. Her alleged accomplice Duggins, police say, beat Barnes with a hammer …

The three women are charged with murder and the three teens who joined in are also likely to be charged as adults.

It’s unfortunate that Pennsylvania doesn’t use the death penalty, these six deserve it.

I’m wondering if #BlackLivesMatter will show up to support the three black women who were obviously reacting to a racist, homeless white guy.


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