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17 Thugs Busted by FBI – Could be linked to White Girl Burned Alive


Just over a year ago a white girl, Jessica Chambers, was burned alive in Panola County Mississippi by persons unknown.  At least they were unknown at the time.  That sparked a major investigation by local and state police and the FBI.  Just over a year later the agencies are making major arrests.

They’ve not yet arrested Jessica’s murderers, but it’s likely they’re drawing close.  In the course of the investigation of her murder it appears as though police have uncovered links to a big crime ring in Panola County and the 17 arrests made today are the “tip of the iceberg.”

Here’s a local reporter, Therese Apel with the Clarion Ledger, updating the report on the arrests.

There hasn’t been much in the way of  street chatter about the Chambers case so investigators have been digging deeply into criminal activities in general in the county.

Darby has alluded to the Chambers case leading to other major case breaks.

“This is some part of it, it’s the state, feds and us working on this stuff,” Darby said. “We’ve told them and told them that this was coming. We’re not playing with them anymore.”

“Many cities across the country have success pooling resources with federal and state agencies to fight and control gangs and gang-related violence,” said Alway. “It’s our intent that this operation will be the start of that here in Panola and surrounding counties”.

It’s starting to look like the brutal murder of an innocent white girl may just bring down gang activities in at least one county in Mississippi.  Hopefully they’ll solve Jessica’s murder as well.


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