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150 Republicans Who Voted for Paul Ryan’s Bill: They Betrayed Conservatives and America


Boehner 2.0 – that’s what Paul Ryan is. He and Nancy Pelosi got together and screwed us all.

Our new Speaker of the House just fashioned a $1.8 trillion budget that fully funds ObamaCare, the “refugees” from Syria who the FBI says they can’t vet for terrorists, spending increases and whatever Obama wants.

And here is a list of the 150 Republicans who just stabbed you in the back:


The Senate also voted overwhelmingly in favor of the spending bills and tax breaks, sending the legislation to President Obama’s desk for his signature. The 65-33 vote effectively wraps up the congressional session for the year, with the House and Senate adjourning for the holiday recess.

Merry Frickin’ Christmas America.

Ted Cruz voted against it and Marco Rubio was too busy to even vote on it. Surprise? So: here’s the list of all 150 Republicans who voted to stick it to you.

roll call

Keep this list handy next time you vote… thanks.

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