Want to See the Bomb ISIS Used To Blow Up The Russian Airliner?

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ISIS has an online magazine.

Yeah, I know – but beyond that insanity they actually said they were responsible for the downed Russian passenger jet, earlier this month on the Sinai peninsula, but they posted pics of the bomb that did it.

CNN reports that the photograph shows a soft drink can and two components that appear to be a detonator and a switch, explosives expert Anthony May said.

isis bomg1

There is a hole in the bottom of the can, which reveals a white substance inside that could be explosives, he said. The detonator would be placed through the hole, he said.

The three components appeared to constitute a “suicide-type bomb” because the bomber would have to flip the single-throw rocker switch to detonate the bomb, May said.

May acknowledged the apparent simplicity and lethality of the bomb.

isis bomg2

“It doesn’t take much to bring down a plane in flight if it’s placed in the most critical area of the aircraft, breaking the fuselage,” said May, a retired explosives enforcement officer with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Because the can is made of metal, “any typical security protocol should detect this via the metal detectors or via the x-rays” in an airport, May said.

“However, it’s not unlikely or impossible to separate these components, and an individual carry a separate component through security and then assemble the device on the other side,” May said.

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