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Who Said: “Muslims Have NOTHING To Do WHATSOEVER With Terrorism?” [video]


Come on, guess.  Think about it, who loves Muslims more than, oh say, a US Ambassador?  Who has a top staff member whose family is at the top of the Muslim Brotherhood?  Still thinking about it?  Maybe this will help.

You were right!

Somehow Hillary, and virtually every elected Democrat, can’t get it through their thick heads that it’s Muslims who are running around the world stabbing Jews at every opportunity, beheading Christians, burning people they don’t like alive, and murdering anybody they can find just to make a statement.

I was going to provide links for those acts, but by now you shouldn’t need them.  If you’re scratching your head about why I could make such charges, ask my friend Mr. Google.

Hillary, Muslims are butchers.  And as for the Muslims that don’t happen to have a knife in their hand at this moment, they support butchery and enslaving their neighbors, and all sorts of vile acts under Sharia Law.  As Barack Obama might say to the women graduating classes at Smith or Vassar this summer, “If you like your clitoris, you can keep your clitoris…”

It’s past time to stop the spread of Islam in America.



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