White House above the law?

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The White House is once again proving that they think Barack Obama is Emperor not President.  This time the most transparent administration in history is blocking release of Hillary’s emails to Obama on the grounds that Presidential correspondence is private and the Congress has no business seeing it.

The White House will try to block the release of a handful of emails between President Obama and former Secretary of State.

Officials said on Friday that they planned to invoke longstanding precedent invoked by presidents of both parties to keep presidential communications confidential.

‘It is a principle that previous White Houses have vigorously defended as it goes to the core of the president’s ability to receive unvarnished advice and counsel,’ a White House official told The New York Times.

What the White House doesn’t want coming out is that Barack Obama knew from the first minutes of the attack on Benghazi that it was an alQaeda inspired terrorist attack and the infamous Susan Rice video had nothing to do with it.  The administration, including Susan Rice, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, insisted for weeks that Benghazi was not a terrorist attack.

They lied.

And they’re lying about the emails as well.  This is worthy of a double take.

The emails between the President and Clinton were just discovered by the State Department as part of several thousand that were released on Friday.

Most transparent administration ever.

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