When the Tables are Turned on Liberalism: Funny, if it Weren’t So Sick..

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Modern Educayshun is a short film by Neel Kolhatkar. It targets the bizarre and extreme form of liberalism that is ruining schools and universities. In previous years young minds were figuring out how to get to the moon. Now universities seem obsessed with “micro-aggression” and finding more and more reasons to be offended by virtually everything.

This video is pretty amusing and has a horror movie type soundtrack. If you think this video is funny please share.

To see another video from Neel Kolhatkar check out Equality.

There is a reason this young man is a rising star of Australian comedy and has over half a million followers across social media. This video on You Tube clocked over a million views within 48 hrs of its release.

One of the brightest prospects in the comedy world, Neel Kolhatkar boasts a CV rivalling many seasoned professionals. With a subscriber base that had previously garnered him millions of hits on his YouTube and Facebook videos, Neel sky-rocketed to Internet stardom at just 19 years old in 2013 with his viral video Australia in 2 Minutes. This runaway hit has been supervened by numerous noteworthy videos- ranging from song parodies to political short films including his 2015 global hit #Equality, which was featured on the primetime American talk show  Stossel (FOX Network) and has over a million views and counting. The success of these videos has firmly cemented Neel’s position at the top of Australia’s YouTube community, as evidenced by the follow-up video to #Equality, Modern Educayshun.

Kolhatkar’s video “Modern Educayshun” is where our society is headed if we continue down the road of increasing political correctness and Obama’s indoctrination of our young. If Obama’s indoctrination in public schools continues with Common Core, more and more parents will be supporting school choice and home schooling. 

The recent events at Yale and Missouri are just the beginning of more outrageous political correctness and troubling events as long as Americans continue down this road of liberalism, socialism and Obama’s transformation of America.



Written by Nancy Hayes

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