“Welcome to Scroogebucks, Want a Venti Boycott?”

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So what is the real deal with Starbucks and their “holiday” cup? They’ve dropped the traditional Christmas cup all together and now say their red cup is to “usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories..”

I think your story is full of crap, Scroogebucks and I’m taking my business elsewhere. Not because you dropped all vestiges from Christmas from your cups, but because you caved into the whiny-assed tiny bit of loud-mouthed losers who compain that it “offends” them.

That’s a Venti load of crap with foam and everybody knows it:


Starbucks and their CEO has always been happy to make a zillion dollars in the good ‘ole Capitalist and Constitutional America – but now that they’ve gone International and are really untouchable in the market, they have literally shown their true colors.

They could care less about the folks who’s backs they built their business on and are just blending in with the prevailing PC crowd. See what I did there? Blend? Oh, forget it.

Disclaimer: I’m a lifelong customer – every morning – even grabbing a cup of Starbucks at the very first one in Seattle decades ago, not knowing that the over-cooked yummy stimulant sold in that hippy-like store was something I should have immediately invested in. I’ve been drinking Starbucks ever since and it has nothing to do with the coffee or Christianity.

But not for long. Yesterday I drove-thru my Starbucks where my cute Starbucks girl always smiles, asks about my dog or my father or how come I was getting a red-eye instead of my usual Venti no-room and handed me a red cup of coffee. A red cup with nothing on it to indicate it was getting near Christmas-time. Not even a single ornament.

I was ready. I paid for my black Venti no-room, but instead of taking my cup, I instead gave her this:



In case you can’t read it, it says; “Dear Starbucks, No Christmas, No Rodney Lee. ex-lifelong customer! Bye. PS: Merry Christmas”

To be clear, I applaud Starbuck’s right to put whatever they want on their cups and could give a rat’s ass if they’re red or yellow or have any religious symbol, holiday tradition or what looks like a green mermaid spreading her legs on it.

I don’t care. Business in America should be able to make their own policy without a bunch of numbnut do-goooders or a-holes with a political agenda trying to run them out of town if they don’t cave to political correctness.

And besides, I don’t particularly like Christmas – especially CHRISTMAS MUSIC. God, I hate going into a store and having to listen to the Muzac they pipe in now starting in early November. It’s annoying and I usually try to vacation somewhere in the Carribean where they don’t care about Christmas at all.

It’s the traditional day of Christ’s birth, not a frickin’ day to get 20% off an iPod or cheap crap at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I really am sickened what Christmas has become and unless you’re a little kid with the presents and Santa, just remember – this whole Starbucks cup thing has NOTHING to do with me being a Christian.

star1what the Starbucks Christmas cups used to look like. Happy birthday, Jesus.

What it has to do with is groups of dissafected losers telling everybody else in America what they can and can’t say, can and can’t do and why they’re a bunch of bigots because they dig a Christmas cup at Starbucks.

In short – I’m sick and tired of whiny-ass little beyatches and their phony outrage and being “offended” by Christian symbols. Shut up already, we’re on to you and companies like Starbucks bend over for these control freaks because they’re afraid. And while we’re at it – if you don’t believe in or even hate Christianity – GOOD! That just means more Jesus for me, so stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

“Oh, Rodney lee, they shouldn’t promote religion!”… Oh really, then why for the past 25 years or whatever have they been building their business during this time of year with Christmas cups? The answer is because it’s good business – and now the fascist peices of crap who seemed to have taken over all aspects of living in America have convinced them to make their Christmas cups into “Holiday” cups.

THAT’S why I’m going elsewhere from now on. It’s because they’ve caved into whiny little beyatches who have nothing better to do than pretend they have some right not to be offended…. starting tomorrow. Because I’m really tired and need a big-ass Venti drip with no room and a shot of expresso.

And I miss my Starbucks girl. I love my Starbucks girl. And she does an awesome job of pretending she loves me and damnit – that’s what life is all about.

Shut up.

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