Watch VIDEO of Angry Christian Mom Ripping Katy Perry’s Dad a New One: CLASSIC!

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Guess you had to be there, but the VIDEO below is going to have to do for now:

Katy Perry’s dad gets ripped a new one by a church-going mom and it isn’t Dana Carvey in drag, either.

Ever just want to crawl into a hole when something like this happens? Hat tip:  JARED KELLER

Christine Weick, a self-described Christian mother, allegedly decided to confront Perry’s father Keith Hudson as he exited a radio station in Phoenix on November 9th over his daughter’s “wicked” behavior on stage and in her music videos.

By wicked, she means Perry’s regular routine of…singing…and dancing – and I quote;  “The fruit of your tree is pretty rotten, and so is your daughter’s,” scolds Weick, adding that “your daughter is having a sex with demons!”

Now that I don’t want to see..

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